Mail Distributor ver.3.3

Mail Distributor can distribute the same e-mail message to many destinations at a time.

Also it has powerful management features for one-to-one email marketing such as personalizing e-mail, address lists and destination filtering.

You can use it for your community noticing and E-commerce marketing.

Mail Distributor Features
  • Simple and Easy to use interface
  • Personalizing e-mail message for one-to-one marketing
  • Tree view helps to organize your documents and address lists
  • Support POP before SMTP
  • Support MD5 and PLAIN STMP Auth.
  • Easy to choose your destinations
  • Support attachments
  • Cusmizable destination filter
  • Count bady message charactors
  • CSV address list data import
  • Flexible address list databas
  • XML data storage
  • Error log
  • Last sent data


This is FREEWARE software.

System Requirements: .NET Framework 1.1

download Mail Distributor ZIP (240KB)

Copyright(c) 2007 WoodenSoldier Software