FAQ Builder ver.1.9

FAQ Builder is software to create and manage Frequentry Asked Question (FAQ) for Web site.

Usually maintaining FAQ is not easy because tons of questions need to be categorized.
HTML is not designed for that kind of usage so that most of your time to manage FAQ will be spent for tweaking your HTML code.

FAQ Builder helps you to save your time to manage FAQ on your Web site. FAQ Builder is designed to categorize many small question-and-answer data easily.

FAQ Builder generates XML output. Then automatically process that with XSL to transform the XML to HTML.
Because of this architecture, final HTML outcomes are extremely flexible.

* If you creted cool XSL for FAQ Builder, please let us know!


Features of FAQ Builder

・Easy creation and management of FAQ
・One-Click HTML generation
・XSL enpowers customizable HTML outputs
・XML data file
・Popular 3-pane type well designed user interface
・Support UTF-8, EUC-jp and Shif-JIS encoding
・Allows using HTML tag in document
・FTP upload


FAQ Builder is freeware.

Support OS: Windows .NET Framework 2.0 or higher

download FAQ Builder download ZIP (73KB)

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